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Welcome to Gorilla Boy Disc Sports

Thank you for shopping at Gorilla Boy Disc Sports. All of Gorilla Boy Disc Golf bags are hand-made at our work shop located in central WI and are made with some of the finest materials one could ask for. We also have two different lines of clothing and accessories and sure to have something to meet everyone's needs!

What are you waiting for? Start shopping and get your Gorilla Boy bag and accessories today!

All bags (except the Simian) are sold with out straps and dividers. All bags listed on this store are being sold as pre-orders, due to the high demand we can not keep them in the shelves. If there is a bag you would like and it is out of stock on the store, please contact us to see where we are at with production. or you can check our facebook page to see what order number we are on
All orders are made on a first come first serve basis, there is nothing that is "in stock" and all orders for any bag are considered as a pre-order. This means it may take up to 29 weeks or more till your order is completed at this time due to the amount of orders that have been made recently.

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