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Spider Monkey

5 product stars
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Spider Monkey Summary

Spider Monkey

*made from 1000d cordura
*one drink holder
*pencil holders
*zipper pocket
*putter pocket
*1060 ballistic bottom
*holds around 8-10 discs

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Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
Quality you can feel - Jason Haws - 4/18/2014
I have played 2 years with the Gorilla Boy Spider Monkey. I would rate it a 10 out of 10 stars for a mid sized bag. Below are the top 10 reasons why I believe this bag is well worth the 55 I paid for it. ( 35 bag, 10 strap, and 10 shipping). 1.PVC pipe inserts keep the bag upright and open at all times making it easy to switch out discs and my seeds from spilling. 2. Putter pocket is large enough to effortlessly holster putter with one hand but snug enough to keep it secure. 3. Mesh pocket on the side is the perfect size to hold a bag of sunflower seeds upright and open for easy access. 4. Firm and durable material give the bag a higher quality feel than other mid sized bags on the market. 5. Comfortably holds 8 or 9 discs in main compartment which provides enough disc options for large courses but small enough that I don't feel self conscious taking to a small course. (Will fit up to 10 or 11 discs in main compartment if you pack them in tight but will make it a pain to thumb thru discs and pulling them in and out. 6. Allows me to easily fold the top flap out of sight into back pocket for unobstructed access to discs throughout the round. Top flap tucks back in a way so you cannot see it which gives the back a tight and finished look. 7. Similar to the putter pocket the mini pocket is a perfect size. 8. No slip shoulder strap is much better than the cheep strap that comes with smaller bags. I've found that the extra 10 for the strap was well worth it. 9. Com

5 product stars
Spider Monkey - Mike Ahnert - 8/8/2018
After having a backpack then a cart, im back to my original bag spider monkey...i have my two pures in putter pouch (super snug but can slide out) and fit 10 in main 3 of which are putter/ 12 which is perfect for shoulder bag any more u go back to backpack/cart imo.

5 product stars
Quite simply the perfect bag - Thunderchicken - 9/8/2013
I've had this bag for too many years to remember. If one doesn't need to carry a lot of discs or accessories, this bag is it. The zippered pouch is more than big enough for everything I carry. The mesh pocket works well for my sweat rag. And the cover either folds out of the way or deploys and secures quickly with Velcro. (It also zips.) My bag has been well used and is showing no wear at all. Given the price, workmanship and my use, perfect is the best descriptor.

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