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Simian Summary

The Simian is our answer to be the most versatile backpack style backpack on the market and provide the most options for set up.
It is made of 1000d cordura and uses two layers of 1060 ballistic for the bottom.
Designed to carry 14 discs it is also able to fit double that easily if you do wish to carry more with you.
The bag features a built in seat helping to keep the number of things you carry while playing at a minimum, no more lost stools left in the fairways.
The Simian has three connection points which allow for you to build and add your own cart modification.

list of features:
*built in seat with 2 full inches of padding
*pen/pencil holders
*scorecard pockets
*made with 1000d cordura
*cart mod friendly
*water bladder compatible (wanna use a water bladder? just hang it in either one of the side pockets and run the tube out through the top of the pocket!)
*3/4 inch padded ergonomic strap system
*straps are adjustable up and down to fit torso size better, they are also replaceable.
*padding for the back velcros into place to make it work best for you and is also replaceable.
*cradle style rack carries discs stacked vertical and tilted to the back of the pack to prevent discs from slipping out. "disc must be put in upside down to prevent slip outs!"
*two HUGE side zipper pockets with internal mesh pockets, molle strapping and velcro to hang your water bladder from.
*two insulated drink holders (with grommets in the bottom)
*carry strap
*vertical umbrella storage. umbrella can be used while open being carried in the bag!
*3/4 inch padded back
*two putter pockets, each putter pocket can carry 1 discs
*inside zippered stash pocket 
*frame is strong enough to stand on (not recommended though!)
*rides high on the back to help lighten the feeling of the load 
*re-enforced stress points 
*the bottom of the bag has two layers of 1060 ballistic nylon for heavy wear
*all workmanship is guaranteed
Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
Most Awesome Bag - Barry Fischer - 11/6/2018
My PDGA # is 706. I wasn't a joiner back then so I have a higher #. I say this just to let you know I've been playing a few years and have owned several bags, small to big. My favorite small bag is the Nuttsac. Now that I am 'older' I thought about getting a cart. However, I play many course with hills. Not having a young body that can hall a cart up/down the hills I opted for the Gorilla Boy Simian. It has everything one could want in a bag. All the space - cubby holes - places for valuables - rain jacket - many discs - snacks - there are many reviews. This bag has high quality. Most of all in those long rounds of tournaments it has a VERY COMFORTABLE SEAT. Don't just look at it and think about it. Get yours - Why wait. I thought about it several years ago. Sorry it took so long.

5 product stars
Truly incredible bag - Luke G. - 3/28/2018
I started playing tournament golf last summer and my back would be torched after multiple rounds (Fade tourney bag w/straps.) Enter the Simian. Well, I can sit down whenever I want now, but there's more to it than that. The adjustable/removeable pads plus even weight distribution have made a world of difference in how I feel after a round. Even though the Simian is heavier, the balance and seat more than compensate for the additional weight. The storage space is LEGIT. I have everything I need in the bag with room to spare. It's been holding up through the wet and muddy Oregon springtime. If you're a tournament golfer, have a janky old back like me, or you just want the sweetest bag on the market then get a Simian. Shipped from Wisconsin to Oregon in 6 days, no assembly required, and worth every friggin penny.

5 product stars
Sweetest bag on the market and worth the wait! - Mike Berry - 5/5/2014
I have had the pleasure of using a buddy's Simian while mine is on order. This bag is the best bar-none. I finish 18 holes at a hilly course, and my back is feeling great. Fits all my gear, including 2 water bottles, minis, snacks, etc. 20 discs no problem with this bad boy. Lifetime warranty? You betcha! Keep up the quality work!

5 product stars
Best Bag Ever - Beatty Barnes - 12/28/2015
I've had my Simian for about 3-4 yrs. I love it. It carries everything you could possibly need. Extra clothes. The side pockets are boss!!! The umbrealla holder makes the day a lot more pleasant. I took a driver, mid, putter out once and freaked out because I didn't have anywhere to sit. Best bag I've ever owned.

5 product stars
The perfect bag - Jamie - 8/19/2018
I've had my Simian since May and couldn't imagine using another bag, Ever! It was great to track my order, log into Facebook and you'll get to see it prior to shipping. Tons of room, were talking 25 + discs and personal items. I purchased it for the seat which confirms to my rump, it's great to have during slower rounds. Do yourself a favor and buy a Simien, people will notice.

5 product stars
Best bag, well worth the money! - Aaron Konichek - 11/23/2015
The best part - you won't ever forget your chair. It is more convenient and comfortable than my chair and quite literally helps my score. During five hour tournament rounds at Delaveaga or Milo McIver take some endurance when waiting 5-10 minutes on every hole and it's important to have energy at the end of the round after standing around for 4 hours. The walk to the top of the world or even the first 5 holes at Dela takes your legs meaning putts are low and drives are weak. Having a stable comfortable chair helps regenerate energy for the rest of the grueling round. This bag is a must have for the serious disc golfer.

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